TIM ranked fastest 5G network in Europe

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TIM has been ranked as the fastest 5G mobile network in Europe by Opensignal.

Opensignal's latest 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards report has positioned TIM in the top spot in Europe for 5G mobile network download speed.

TIM also ranks in the world's top 30 for uplift between 4G and 5G networks in download and upload speeds and user experience in video and gaming.

The results are based on an independent analysis of measurements collected from 1 January to 29 June 2021.

The research analysed the mobile network user experience of the world's leading operators and found that TIM customers achieved 5G download speeds of 296.5 Mbps - over 1000% faster than 4G download speeds.

The report noted that FarEasTone was the sole global winner for 5G download speeds with average download speeds of 447.8 Mbps for users in Taiwan.

A spokesperson from Opensignal said: “5G is often seen as being led by Asia, but a number of European operators are among the leaders in Opensignal’s first 5G Global Awards report. Notably, TIM users saw the highest average 5G Download Speed in Europe with 296.5 Mbps but not many other European operators were among the 5G speed leaders: 50% of the top 5G operators for 5G Download Speed are in Asia Pacific, and just 27% are European."

Other European carriers were recognised as ‘global leaders’ in 5G with Sunrise in Switzerland, Vodafone in Spain, and Orange in France among those recognised. TIM and Vodafone Spain were the only European operators to see improvements of over 1000% according to the report.

This comes in contrast to news from last year as Opensignal reported that Italian 4G users had seen their speeds drop off significantly as a result of tightening coronavirus restrictions. At the time, the research firm observed that Italian smartphone users experienced significantly lower 4G download speeds during most of the day compared with the previous five weeks.

TIM said the recognition from Opensignal outlined its commitment to developing ever higher fixed and mobile network connections and an excellent customer experience.