Iskratel launches multi-gigabit GPON home gateway

Iskratel launches multi-gigabit GPON home gateway

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Iskratel has launched multi-gigabit wireless connectivity through its new Innbox G92 service.

The GPON FTTH Home Gateway has an integrated fibre-termination unit (FTU) to reduce operational expenditure and to optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators.

Iskratel says the service will provide "unparalleled" high-speed Wifi coverage inside homes and will support multi-gigabit mesh Wifi.

The network's reach of Wifi coverage can be further extended when paired with supported mesh Wifi technology, preventing common dead zones.

The company says the mesh network ensures seamless roaming with full safety and security for operators.

The Innbox G92 service is designed for network-intensive tasks such as triple-play services and multiple Ultra HD TV streams to be delivered over a wireless or wired home network.

Mitja Golja, business development director for Iskratel said: “We are delighted to release our highly anticipated home gateway that will help operators to easily deploy a state-of-the-art network.

"Designed for high-intensity use, such as multi-streaming and gaming, the Innbox G92 is an affordable solution that optimises operators’ TCO and offers their customers an uncompromised user experience.”

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