Jean Bolot to head research at Orange Innovation

Jean Bolot to head research at Orange Innovation

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Jean Bolot has been named director of research at Orange Group in a role that will see him lead research at Orange Innovation.

Bolot is known for his work in Silicon Valley, where he directed Technicolor's research lab, which focused on deploying AI for Hollywood to reinvent recommendation systems and reduce production costs. He also led the AI lab at InterDigital, a mobile technology research and development company, in Palo Alto.

Effective as of yesterday, at Orange Bolot will draw on his background in research and technology – including networks, AV applications, AI and deep learning – and continue his involvement in the social and environmental challenges of digital technology.

Orange said he will "be able to mobilise the group's research capabilities to fuel responsible innovation for the benefit of people, provide guidance for the group's long-term strategic choices and influence the global digital ecosystem."

Bolot has published a series of papers and also spoken on such topics as mining large scale cell phone data; wireless security; resource allocation in the internet; and the economics of networked systems.

In related news from Orange, over the weekend, CEO Stephane Richard said he would seek a fourth term as CEO of the group in May 2022.

Speaking to the Journal du Dimanche he told reporters: "That's my wish because I am very attached to this company."