Clear builds blockchain-based settlement solution

Clear builds blockchain-based settlement solution

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Blockchain-based solution builder, Clear, has launched a platform to automate wholesale data service inventories for ICT players.

Recognising that inventory management is a challenge in the quote-to-cash wholesale processes for data services, Clear has introduced the Data Services Marketplace, a platform that ensures automated alignment between partners’ wholesale data service inventories. It enables ICTs to support their enterprise customers’ growing needs.

"We are thrilled to offer our secure financial and inventory solutions to leading companies in the journey to full automation,” said Eran Haggiag (pictured), co-founder and executive chairman of Clear. “Our groundbreaking platform meets the growing demands of companies adapting to technological and commercial changes.”

Clear said the solution "dramatically shortens" data service life cycle stages, such as quoting, ordering, service delivery, and settlement. Clear uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to take fragmented workfows and make inventory alignment and settlement automated and faster.

Clear’s blockchain platform is built with smart contracts, which allows partners to access information in a secure and private way, and the company’s Data Service Marketplace solution is compatible with multiple types of products, with links to different legacy systems.

Clear’s services accelerate the deployment of new sites, services, and global applications, enabling easier changes, better assurance, and the ability to format existing services.

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