Colt expands its market data services portfolio with seven Mainland China IXs

Colt expands its market data services portfolio with seven Mainland China IXs

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Colt Technology Services (Colt) confirms the expansion of its portfolio of market data services to include Mainland China.

The new offering is available across Europe, North America and Asia, and positions Colt as the only provider of market data coverage for stock, futures and commodity exchanges across China.

As of today, customers can access market data services, available directly from within Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s colocation facility, for the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Financial Futures Exchange and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange.

Looking ahead, market data services for the Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange and Shanghai International Energy Exchange is due to be added in Q3 2021.

“Colt’s stable, reliable and low latency connectivity has been trusted and certified by its financial customers for over 20 years,” said Masato Hoshino (pictured), head of Asia and representative director & president at Colt.

“The ability to subscribe to these exchange data feeds in a secure, fast and reliable manner is critical to their trading needs. We will continue to expand our market data coverage and low latency network, and invest in our software development, to provide more agile, flexible and secure services to our customers.”

As a licensed market data provider, Colt offers raw and normalised feeds at consistently low latencies, even during periods of volatility. Different methods of delivery are also available with customers collocated at the market venues themselves able to consume data feeds directly.

Away consumption is also available through Colt’s global network and Colt PrizmNet financial extranet with deterministic latency and resilience built-in which combined guarantee reliable market data delivery. The Colt IQ Network connects more than 900+ data centres and over 29,000 on net buildings across Europe, Asia and North America.

In addition, Colt offers a software-normalised format using a standard API that eliminates potential speed loss that occurs when normalising and distributing at the source. Customers can also monitor the bandwidth use at 1s, 10ms and 1ms granularity, message rates, dropped packets, and A/B Feed latency deltas (microseconds) of its raw and normalised market data feeds through Colt’s proprietary web portal.

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