Avanti Communications keeping Africa connected
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Avanti Communications keeping Africa connected

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Capacity speaks to Kyle Whitehill, chief executive officer, Avanti, on the company's work in delivering satellite connectivity across Africa.

We know Avanti as a global satellite operator, but tell us about the company's network presence across Africa?

Avanti is committed to helping the world become better connected and we are focussed on driving connectivity across Africa, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

Across our HYLAS fleet, more than 70% of our coverage is across Africa, making Avanti the number one high throughput satellite company in the continent.

How is Avanti helping to deliver much-needed rural connectivity across the continent and what are its plans to accelerate this coverage?

Over the past 30 years, significant progress has been made in connecting some of the hardest-to-reach communities in sub-Saharan Africa and we are proud of the role we have played in this. Our recent partnership with Clear Blue Technologies will enable Mobile Network Operators and Telco Tower Companies  to deliver rural network coverage to the 400 million people without access to mobile broadband services.

Rural connectivity has traditionally been a challenge due to limited terrestrial networks. Through strategic partnerships, we have been able to help expand these to bring telecommunications to those that have never before been connected to the rest of the world. Such progress is critical, as technology has the ability to empower people and strengthen communities. It also improves access to quality education, providing children with the opportunity to learn, grow and build a better future.

What makes Avanti the ideal partner for companies wanting to develop infrastructure projects across the continent?

Avanti has been providing connectivity services in Africa for more than a decade. We have strong heritage in providing safe, secure, and reliable connectivity across the continent where we already act as a trusted partner to governments and Mobile Network Operators.

Our fleet of 5 Ka-band satellites, which offer 50Gkz capacity, teamed with our secure ground network and local presence, removes complexity for partners to help them quickly and safely expand their network coverage.

How is Avanti working to bridge the digital divide across Africa?

Connectivity is a vital tool to empower people and strengthen communities, which is why we seek out opportunities to leverage our satellite technology to improve access to education, work, and medicine.

Avanti has recently partnered with the Global Partnership for Education on The Girls’ Education Awareness Programme to help address barriers to girls’ education in Kenya. We also deliver connectivity to refugee settlements in partnership with the UNHCR, and support rural maternity clinics in the DRC.

What was the driver behind Avanti partnering with professional boxers Isaac Chamberlain and Sedem Ama on education and what do you hope to achieve through this collaboration?

Our mission is to enable people, countries, and continents to Be More. Avanti strongly believes in the power of education to help children build a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities. We know that connectivity has a key role to play in improving access to this.

We are committed to using our satellite technology to help even more children to access quality learning. Who better to help join us in the fight for education in Africa than two professional boxing champions that have been able to achieve success through determination! We all believe in the importance of education for enabling children to achieve their dreams and raising further awareness of this important issue.

 What are the strategic priorities for Avanti over the next year?

Our objective is to create a sustainable business focussed on connecting Africa. Over the past three years, we have transformed our business and quadrupled our revenue to help reach this goal. We will continue this progress by looking for more opportunities to work in partnership with the people of Africa, to empower growth, protect communities and unlock opportunities for individuals, businesses, and governments.

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