Intelsat and Orange collaborate to cover French Guiana

Intelsat and Orange collaborate to cover French Guiana

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Intelsat is providing cellular backhaul services in French Guiana for Orange, via the Intelsat 10-02 satellite.

Known as IS-10-02 for short, Orange will use the satellite to upgrade and expand its existing 2G network and provide reliable 3G/4G services in French Guiana, including to some of the most remote and rural areas of the territory. Mobile broadband coverage will be provided in Kaw, Camopi, Grand-Sancti, Papaichton and Maripasoula.

IS-10-02 had its life extended earlier this year after successfully docking with Northrop Grumman’s Mission Extension Vehicle-2 (MEV-2).

“Through our partnership, Orange will leverage our network sizing and design services to build a consistent business model that is future proof,” said Intelsat senior key account director, Europe, Pablo Catapodis.

“We have proven yet again that we understand backhaul applications and can support Orange’s strategy in French Guiana with our industry-leading services.”

“We are proud to expand and upgrade our mobile coverage in rural areas with a flexible and cost-effective solution to deliver a first-in-class customer experience.” said Boris Fayolle, project manager, strategy and network development at Orange. “The Intelsat and Orange collaboration was a key element throughout the process to guarantee our overall success.” 

Intelsat, which posted revenues of $508 million in its Q2 results, confirmed a $150 million partnership with GCI last month.



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