NaaS is now. Can CSPs mobilize to ’get it’?

NaaS is now. Can CSPs mobilize to ’get it’?


Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is an emerging business model for communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises with interest surging.

But are enterprises ready to consume network services and are CSPs ready to deliver what they want? We set out to explore this hot topic and get insights into the current state of affairs. Read the article to find out more.


Do CSPs know what enterprises want from NaaS?

CSPs can grow their revenues by offering NaaS. Learn how to tap into this 15 billion USD revenue. Read the article.


What will drive enterprise adoption of NaaS?
Which NaaS solutions do enterprises want? What features are appealing for them? We asked 100 enterprise to find out. See what they said in our survey.


To win at NaaS, CSPs need to think like a webscale company

NaaS is changing the game. Find out what technology challenges CSPs are facing and how to overcome them to be ready for NaaS. Read the article.


Can NaaS help CSPs realize the full potential of 5G?

91% of CSP leaders agree that offering NaaS is crucial to providing enterprises with 5G services. See other insights from our survey.

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