Australian firm gets grant to build next gen edge data centres

Australian firm gets grant to build next gen edge data centres

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Zella DC, a global Australian-based micro data centre specialist in R&D, manufacturing and distribution, has secured a grant from the AMGC Commercialisation Fund.

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation established through the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres Initiative.

AMGC’s vision is to transform Australian manufacturing to become an “internationally competitive, dynamic and thriving industry” with “advanced capabilities and skills at its core”.

The focus of the funds to Zella DC will be on developing the “next generation” micro data centre, a “game-changer in design, scalability and energy efficiency”, said Zella, using new lightweight materials suitable for advanced manufacturing.

The project has attracted a commitment of A$813,000 (US$596,000) with $406,550 in grant funding.

“As a market leader in micro data centres we have now embarked on an exciting development which will offer unprecedented flexibility and enable Australian industry to fully capitalise on the benefits of emerging technology which needs to be deployed in industrial and remote locations,” said Angie Keeler, Zella DC co-founder and CEO.

Clinton Keeler, co-founder and CTO, added: “We've been developing and improving our products for over ten years, this grant will help us move up to the next level of our research and development.

“We will use the funds to work on a new and exciting project that will help companies accelerate the implementation of their edge strategy within any indoor or outdoor environment.”