Sparkle adopts multi-vendor play to enhance SD-WAN

Sparkle adopts multi-vendor play to enhance SD-WAN


Sparkle has enhanced its SD-WAN solutions using a multi-vendor approach.

The news is driven by the digital transformation of the enterprise sector, which is turn is further accelerated by the restrictive global measures that has led to the adoption of remote working and hybrid workplaces.

The increasing number of branch offices and dispersed work locations combined with the adoption of the Cloud requires flexible, high performance connectivity seamlessly integrated with public and private Cloud services.

As such, Sparkle’s managed SD-WAN solutions use different features of SD-WAN technologies to provide hybrid, secure and low-latency connections globally leveraging its global IP, fibre-optic backbone and its global presence, as well as direct access to major Cloud providers.

Sparkle’s SD-WAN is has already been adopted by several enterprises in the food, manufacturing and energy sectors, and helps both national and multinational companies the need hybrid, flexible and optimised network solutions to cope with dynamic application scenarios and high bandwidth traffic flows across multiple sites and workplaces in full security.

A holder of SD-WAN MEF certification, Sparkle plans to bolster its SD-WAN offering with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to deliver enhanced security features.

In addition, with its Proof of Concept on “Remote Employee Access to Cloud”, Sparkle has also successfully deployed an end-to-end SASE overlay across multiple SD-WANs, demonstrating its ability to establish secure and effective remote employee access to company resources located in multiple Clouds or on premise.

Last month, Sparkle confirmed the launch of Albania Crossing, a new direct route connecting Athens to Milan.

Built in partnership with Albtelecom, the incumbent telco in Albania, Albania Crossing is already operational and crosses Albania, the Bari-Durres subsea cable and the Italian backbone.

This in turn, creates the shortest path from Athens to Milan with the option to reach all the other major hubs in Western Europe, using Sparkle’s extensive continental network.

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