DATA4 to build €100m data centre in Poland

DATA4 to build €100m data centre in Poland

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DATA4 is continuing its ambitious European expansion by investing over €100 million to build one of the most powerful data centres in Poland.

The major European player, which designs, develops and currently operates 21 data centres in France, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg, has announced that the new Polish campus will have 50MW of power once complete.

DATA4’s announcement comes after confirming a €1 billion war chest to fund and execute its growth plans to become one of the leading data centre operators in Europe. It has also recently set its sights on becoming the sector’s leader in sustainable development with the launch of its DATA4Good programme.

The construction of this new 4 ha Polish campus, close to Poland’s main points of connectivity, will begin in 2021. It will enable DATA4 to both target the Polish hosting market, and to support the growth of its cloud services provider customers in Eastern Europe.


“Poland, and the Warsaw area in particular, has huge potential for digital growth, and forms a strategic node for connections between Western and Central Europe. Establishing a footprint for our company in Poland marks the beginning of a new era in our European development, and will enable DATA4 to provide its customers with innovative digital infrastructure that has a sustainable environmental impact, and meets their needs for hosting and connections,” said Olivier Micheli, CEO of DATA4 Group (pictured).

Boasting a stable and robust economy – Polish economic growth is among the highest in Europe – and particularly well-connected (in terms of logistics, transportation, and telecommunications) thanks to its strategic location in the heart of Europe, Poland is also home to one of the most competitive IT sectors in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the most recent report by Tech Emerging Europe Advocates [*].

Furthermore, there will be a rapidly-growing need for Hyperscale data centres, as certain cloud services providers are already actively rolling out cloud computing services in the region. This is particularly true for the cloud services giants Google and Microsoft, with Google announcing plans to invest up to $2 billion, having recently publicised the opening of its new regional cloud services centre. Microsoft, meanwhile, has plans to invest almost $1bn to expand its operations and create a new regional cloud services centre.

Buoyed by the exponential growth in digital data storage needs, DATA4 has recorded solid growth since the day it was founded. DATA4 Group’s expansion is underpinned by its 2024 growth plan, with the Group now being able to draw on almost € 1billion to deliver its ambitions: to double its turnover within the next three years, while continuing to expand its platform throughout Europe.

Today, DATA4 has land and power reserves (129 ha and 209 MW available) that are unrivalled in the European market, to support its customers’ growth.

About DATA4 Group

Founded in 2006, DATA4 is a major European operator and investor in the data centre market. The Group finances, designs, constructs and operates its own data centres to provide its customers (international cloud services operators, major telecom operators, innovative tech companies and multinational corporations) with secure, scalable and high-performance data hosting solutions with optimised environmental impact. The Group operates the most powerful data centre campuses in Europe, and currently has 21 data centres across France, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg.

DATA4 boasts land and electrical resources unrivalled within the European market (129 hectares and 209 MW available) to support its customers’ growth. Its infrastructure relies on high-quality design and an extremely diverse and scalable portfolio of services that adapt perfectly to its customers’ needs – from hosting a single rack to a dedicated building.

The DATA4 Group offers an innovative approach with its custom D4 Smart Datacentre solution, which allows customers to track the various performance and environmental indicators for their hosting spaces and equipment in real time (temperature, humidity, water and power consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions). In addition, the Group offers access to a rich ecosystem of partners and a full range of logistics and operational services, including connectivity to over 220 cloud destinations and telecom operators.

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[*] Tech Emerging Advocates Report – February 2021:

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