Fixed 4G and 5G ‘a life changer’ for broadband access

Fixed 4G and 5G ‘a life changer’ for broadband access

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Mobile technologies, including both 4G and 5G, are now a mainstream alternative to fibre broadband, said an industry lobby group today.

The Global Mobile Suppliers’ Association (GSA), which represents equipment vendors, said in a report that fixed wireless access (FWA) is now a mainstream service offer for telcos that provide 4G and 5G.

“FWA can be a life changer by ensuring the availability of strong and reliable broadband connectivity wirelessly to people wherever they are, whatever they do,” said Huawei executive Julien Grivolas (pictured), who chairs the GSA’s forum for 4G and 5G FWA.

The association has produced a report saying that 425 operators in 169 countries/territories now selling FWA services based on 4G, and 63 operators of 5G services are marketing residential or business FWA broadband services, up from 44 in six months.

The GSA has counted 645 indoor and outdoor 4G devices for consumer premises suitable for residential and small or medium business broadband. The industry has announced 144 models that operate on 5G.

“Connecting the unconnected was already a fundamental priority in a normal world, but, as we are seeing with the terrible pandemic situation that we are still facing, our mission to accelerate people’s access to broadband connectivity through 4G/5G FWA is only becoming more critical. This is true for developing as well as developed economies,” said Grivolas, who directs Huawei’s wireless network strategy planning and industry development for the EU.

The GSA’s new directory includes mains-powered devices for FWA as well as battery-powered portable devices.

The GSA announced the creation of the FWA group in December 2020.


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