Google gets green light for new Sweden data centre

Google gets green light for new Sweden data centre

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Google has been given outline planning permission for a new data centre in Horndal, Sweden - providing it does its bit for the environment.

Sweden’s Land and Environment Court for Nacka District granted Google subsidiary DSC International permission for the proposed facility in Avesta municipality.

In 2017, Google acquired 109 hectares of land in the region, which is 160km north of capital Stockholm, and its original plan for a data centre is now coming to fruition.

The data centre specifications weren't outlined in court documents but it is believed that Google is planning a five data hall campus on the site.

The company also intends to transport water to the site for cooling from river areas about 20km away via specially built pipes, which have courted controversy from local farmers as they go over their land.

A reserve power plant will also consist of up to 250 diesel generators to act as backup for the campus.

As part of its outline planning ruling, the court has told Google it will have to replace diesel with fossil-free fuel to power backup generators by 2030. In addition, the company will also have to build a system - at its own expense - to enable waste heat from the campus to be recycled into municipal heating systems free-of-charge.

Google has not said when it intends to start building, but the outline planning decision says it must begin work within ten years.

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