Five years salary, health and education for Reliance’s Covid victims

Five years salary, health and education for Reliance’s Covid victims

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The company that owns Indian operator Reliance Jio will continue to pay the salary of staff who have died of Covid-19 for five years.

And Reliance Industries, the holding company, said yesterday it will pay children’s tuition fees and health insurance for spouse, parents and children of employees who have died in the pandemic.

The news comes in the wake of a devastating surge in Covid cases across India, where the number of people affected went from 11,000 to 400,000 in just a few days.

In addition the Reliance Foundation, the group’s charitable trust, will pay 1 million rupees (US$13,700) to the family members of all employees who have succumbed to Covid-19, said Nita Ambani (pictured), who chairs the foundation.

Ambani, who is married to Reliance Industries’ boss Mukesh Ambani, said: “Some of us are struggling to cope with the deeply painful loss of our precious colleagues, family members, and loved ones who have succumbed to Covid-19. Reliance stands with each one of you in this hour of grief.”

Monthly payments will be based on the last month’s salary drawn by each deceased employee, said Reliance Industries.

The company “will provide 100% [of] tuition fee, hostel accommodation and book fee up to bachelor’s degree at any institute in India for all children of the deceased employees”.

The health insurance fees will be paid until children graduate, the company said.

“All colleagues affected by Covid-19 personally, or within the family, get Covid-19 leave for the full duration of their recovery, both physically and emotionally,” said Reliance. “Notably, this leave policy [is] extended to ensure all Reliance employees focus on recovering fully or caring for their Covid-19 positive family members.”


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