MessageWhiz to introduce "most secure SMS system on Earth"

MessageWhiz to introduce "most secure SMS system on Earth"

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This month, MessageWhiz will unveiled Secure SMS, which it has described as the most secure SMS system on Earth.

MessageWhiz is a smart messaging app and an A2P SMS messaging provider powered by MMDSmart. The firm has implemented a proprietary solution by Protex to leverage secure blockchain technology and message encryption that will allow it to verify the sender and recipient ID.

The company said its platform is due for release this month and that it will "revolutionise" the industry by providing "military-grade security" in each message to prevent and halt SMS-based fraud for senders, recipients, and telecom service providers.

"Messages are encrypted, preventing anyone along the route from intercepting, reading, or manipulating the message content," said Arie Frenklakh, MMDSmart's CEO.

"Secure SMS enables businesses to safely and confidently share messages with their customers and implement two-way SMS conversations."

SMS is the de-facto channel for sending multi-factor authentication one-time passwords and codes for e-commerce, retailers, health care providers, governments, and financial institutions, however it is at the centre of a multi-billion dollar fraud industry, which includes spam, SMS phishing and originator spoofing, and SIM swap fraud.

Secure SMS can block spam, grey routes, SIM farms, phishing, SIM swap fraud, and roaming and originator spoofing.

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