Schneider unveils world first, liquid cooled pre-fab facility

Schneider unveils world first, liquid cooled pre-fab facility

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Building on its partnerships with Iceotope and Avnet, Schneider Electric has introduced a world-first liquid-cooled, pre-fabricated modular data centre.

The EcoStruxure™ Modular Data Center is a liquid-cooled all-in-one module integrated by Avnet and containing chassis-level precision immersion cooling from Iceotope.

It combines high efficiency with an ultra-low PUE of less than 1.15 – Schneider reported that a PUE of 1.03 is also possible – and can be deployed in as little as six weeks.

It means that, using a prefabricated module, the most CPU and GPU-intensive high performance computing (HPC) edge applications can be deployed with greater reliability in harsh and remote environments.

“Today, demand for the most powerful CPUs and GPUs has risen in practically every IT application, while at the same time, competition for space has quickly become acute,” said Robert Bunger (pictured), program director, CTO Office, Schneider Electric.

“The new All-In-One Liquid-Cooled Prefabricated Data Center Module meets the need to deploy compute-intensive processing power in a compact, secure and dedicated edge environment, which can be deployed almost anywhere in as little as six weeks.”

Housed in a 20’ ISO standard container, the new all-in-one solution accommodates a standard 60kW IT load, with IT capacity of up to 336kW available as a custom-made solution. The system also includes an 80kW Galaxy VS 3-phase UPS, complete battery back-up, fire protection, fully integrated heat rejection and redundant cooling.

Remote monitoring and management of both the physical environment and IT equipment is enabled with the EcoStruxure IT software.

As part of the EcoStruxure Modular Data Centers range, the Liquid-Cooled All-In-One prefabricated module delivers a fast, flexible and predictable solution, offering the same quality and functionality as a traditional, stick-built facility. Schneider Electric said it enables new data centre capacity to be designed, built and installed in a fraction of the time taken to acquire and develop traditional data centre environments.

Last month, Schneider Electric said its EcoStruxure Micro Data Center R-Series for rugged indoor environments would be made available in Europe.

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