Blockchain is the new cloud

Blockchain is the new cloud

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Jonas Simanavicius, co-founder and CTO of Syntropy, speaks to Capacity’s Abigail Opiah about how the company is using blockchain technology to provide SDN internet and security

Syntropy built a new internet layer on top of existing networks – an overlay where encryption, fault tolerance and optimised performance are automatically enabled.

Its technology is compatible with the current public internet, which has been used to improve the performance of Minecraft servers and establish optimised blockchain infrastructure.

Simanavicius says that there are several instances where blockchain is required to achieve the company’s vision.

“The only way to have a decentralised and public layer of connectivity where people will not have any third party or trusted party to trust with their data or to facilitate their connection is blockchain,” he adds.

“This is because blockchain is currently the only known centralised compute platform. Therefore, we are launching our blockchain, which will facilitate the creating of connections as well as storing your connection data related to what connections you have with the network integration, and that data is stored encrypted so that only you can read it.”

Syntropy started about three years ago as a distributed content delivery network and the more the company dug deeper into internet technologies, it found more problems with internet protocols, which led to the discovery of new ways to improve the internet as a whole.

While the early release of its product was announced in January 2021, the company has already attracted heavy-duty star power. Investors spanning current and former executives at Fortune 500 companies, financial innovators and early-stage blockchain investors have privately backed it.

“With the help of a public blockchain, we are allowing customers to be in full control of their data, in transit also – then we make encrypted connections as well as how they make the connection,” Simanavicius reveals.

“Previously you needed to trust either your software provider, certificate provider or some third-party provider, but with blockchain, you can provide a completely trustless connectivity layer to facilitate connections.”

Simanavicius eagerly adds that this new layer of the internet creates secure connections without any third-party involvement and in a completely prestigious way, which then leads to data becoming encrypted.

“Another key feature is the optimisation. Because we use blockchain and the token, we can grow the network of routers all around the world,” he says.

“It means that if it’s faster to send data from London to New York or through another server in Miami, our technology automatically does that.”

The company also has an offering called Syntropy Stack, a collection of technology and tools that allows individuals to build and deploy applications on Syntropy, with all connections optimised-for-performance and encrypted-by-default.

It is compatible across millions of devices and services, including cloud, on-premise and edge infrastructure, and it gives every developer the power and control to build on Syntropy’s unifying layer.

The future of the internet infrastructure

Syntropy has already formalised relationships with tech giants like Cisco and is in pilot projects with many others.

“With a public blockchain, as long as the blockchain is up and running, you are going to have your connectivity layer – it’s 100% uptime trust, and security,” adds the company’s founder and CTO.

“Also, because this technology is open and everyone can use it, as long as they can use the blockchain, it makes the internet a public utility; and it is a fast and secure instrument because now when you get internet, you get the access to it.

“When you use products and the product used is cloud, they invest billions to their infrastructure to make it work well. However, the power of the internet and the split between the bandwidth of cheap providers versus high-quality providers are all now run by businesses.”

Simanavicius says this technology allows Syntropy to transform the internet into an optimised and secure public utility. The company launched the software-as-a-service version of its latest technology and it is production-ready.

Wider trends

Simanavicius recalls that last year, a lot of companies, developers and engineers were sceptical about blockchain, saying it was slow and didn’t work.

“A year later, and now you can write software on blockchain and can completely launch decentralised applications. Now we see more enterprises and engineers very interested because now they understand that you can have a working solution on blockchain,” he starts to conclude.

“I saw a fundamental shift and now huge software can be deployed on blockchain and work well. I can, therefore, only imagine what will happen in the next few years. I predict that developers will write decentralised applications deployed on blockchain that people will use and pay for using the blockchain.”

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