Telecom Egypt picks Juniper Networks for network upgrade

Egypt map NEW.jpeg

Juniper Networks has been selected to design and deploy a significant network capacity expansion and upgrade for Telecom Egypt.

The news comes in response to the exponential growth of bandwidth demand and service quality expectations Telecom Egypt has been experiencing, as well as its ongoing digital transformation program as part of the Egyptian Government’s Digital Egypt and ICT 2030 initiatives.

“Telecom Egypt believes that the ability to respond to rapidly-changing customer needs is a key competitive differentiator, so improved infrastructure agility is key,” said Mohamed Alfowey, chief technology officer of Telecom Egypt.

“A faster, more resilient and predictable network, in the context of remote working trends and skyrocketing demand for cloud-driven, 5G-ready, data-rich applications and services, enables Telecom Egypt to deliver this and meet SLAs, while controlling operational cost and complexity. We believe that Juniper’s innovations in cloud routing and network automation help us overcome this challenge now and for the long term, enabling us to deliver an exceptional end-user experience.”

Juniper’s deployment for Telecom Egypt will feature a customisable, automated high-performance network that can scale on demand with assured service.

Specifically, the solution will feature an automated, flexible infrastructure that collects, analyses, interprets and responds to real-time data reporting its own health status and traffic patterns. As a result, Telecom Egypt will operate much more efficiently and cost effectively while delivering high service for its customers.

“The challenge faced by Telecom Egypt is shared by many service providers globally – how to run their network ever ‘hotter’ and faster while meeting customer SLAs and maintaining predictability and resilience yet controlling operational cost and complexity,” said Raj Yavatkar, chief technology officer at Juniper Networks

“Juniper believes that our innovations in cloud routing and network automation help to overcome this challenge now and for the long term. Telecom Egypt is investing in a dynamic, customisable high-performing automated infrastructure that is able to scale upward and outward in step with exponential growth and future demands.”

The network will be equipped with 400G interfaces from Juniper’s IP transport portfolio using custom silicon to deliver high density, reliable data throughput and low cost-per-bit. This will be combined with Juniper’s standards-based automation portfolio.