Huawei and China Mobile ‘to launch 6G satellites’, says Communist Party paper

Huawei MWC.jpg

China Mobile and Huawei are planning to launch two 6G test satellites in July, according to sources close to the Chinese state.

Global Times, an English-language publication associated with the Communist Party of China’s official publication, the People’s Daily, said the satellites would test 6G network technologies.

Thenewspaper admitted that a Huawei spokesman it had contacted had “not obtained such information so far”, and said China Mobile had not responded.

Global Times said China Mobile and a national space firm were working with Huawei, citing “an independent digital blogger named Chang'an Shumajun, who claims having close relations with Huawei”.

Global Times said Ma Jihua, a senior tech industry analyst based in Beijing, had told it that the satellite move “is natural as Huawei pushes ahead its layout on 6G networks”.

The paper says: “Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun announced at Huawei global analysts conference held earlier this month that the Chinese tech giant will launch its 6G networks in 2030, and it will release a 6G white paper soon to explain to the industry what 6G is.”