Etisalat and Nokia partner on UAE's ultra-fast 5G broadband

Etisalat and Nokia partner on UAE's ultra-fast 5G broadband

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Nokia has deployed its AirScale radio platform in the UAE, based on 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) standards, for Etisalat.

The network uses massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (mMIMO) radio technology to enhance network capacity, provide broader coverage and increase network speeds. It will provide enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) services, expand 5G coverage, and unlock new revenue opportunities for the Emirati telco.

Further, Etisalat is building an autonomous 5G network using its Etisalat A3 platform, which again called on Nokia's expertise. The two reported collaborating to deliver best-in-class customer experience, as 5G’s ultra-high bandwidth and low-latency enrich service offerings and transform business models.

Haitham Abdulrazzak, chief technology officer, Etisalat said: “As a true pioneer, we have always embraced the latest technologies to drive the digital future to empower society. Accordingly, we are building an autonomous 5G network and are very excited about how 5G can transform industrial and consumer services. The 5G services we have rolled out truly enhance lifestyles and deliver significant gains in productivity in the UAE, contributing to the national innovation strategy.”

In 2020 Etisalat achieved an Ookla Speed Score of 98.78, with average download speeds of 115.89 Mbps and average upload speeds of 25.69 Mbps. the put that into context,

Ookla's mobile global speeds index for March 2021 registered an average global download speed of 48.40Mbps, upload of 12.60Mbps and latency of 37 milliseconds. topping the table, the UAE achieved a 178.52Mbps download speed, 29.22Mbps upload and latency of 23 milliseconds.

Saeed Al Zarouni, SVP, mobile network, Etisalat, added: “Etisalat’s technical teams have closely worked with Nokia to build the 5G network smoothly and enabled 5G coverage with ultra-high speed and low latency services in the UAE. The high capacity 5G network also allows us to provide services to a large number of customers. Rolling out 5G network is in line with our focus on digital innovation and investments in next generation telecom technologies.”

Tommi Uitto, president of mobile networks at Nokia, said: “With this deployment, Nokia is supporting Etisalat achieve its vision of driving the digital future. Along with consumers’ expectation to get the latest telecom services experience, the current period has also shone a spotlight on just how important networks are for people and businesses. With this next generation 5G network deployment, we are excited to continue our longstanding collaboration with Etisalat to deliver the full transformational benefits of 5G.”


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