Altarede invests in Padtec for Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo expansion

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Altarede Corporate has invested in Padtec’s 200Gbps and 800Gbps family of transponders to support the capacity of its Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) optical networks.

Specifically, in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, Altarede Corporate aims to ensure high capacity connections for its customers including operators, internet service providers, governments and enterprises.

“We mapped the main connection points and created a strategic contingency plan for the network,” said Mario Benech Gulla, CTO at Altarede Corporate.

“In total, we invested more than R$10 million in the modernisation of our network: acquiring Padtec solutions, installing new POPs, activating new optical cables and adapting our infrastructure in general.”

Along Altarede’s new routes between Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, Padtec provided DWDM systems with reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) technology, which adds more flexibility in directing optical network traffic transponders with 200Gbps and 800Gbps per channel data rates, optical amplifiers and protection systems.

“The digital transformation of companies, new trends in distance education and the significant increase in the use of streaming video are signs of a new era. Altarede Corporate is prepared to offer very high capacity broadband to meet the demands for new services which will continue after the end of social isolation with the changes in people's habits,” said Gulla.

“Padtec's DWDM solution prepared our optical network for scalable and flexible growth in data traffic capacity to accompany the increase in demand and our expansion in the market.”

In addition, the partnership between the two companies also includes the provision of services from Padtec for the management of Altarede's optical networks which includes technical support and monitoring of the operator's optical network through its Network Operations Centre.

“With the offer of a complete telecommunications services solution, which involves everything from system planning to the installation, operation and maintenance of networks, we add value and provide more security and convenience for our customers,” said Argemiro Sousa, business director at Padtec.

"To support these services, we currently have more than 40 points of presence spread across all regions of the country and also in Argentina and Colombia."