5G Americas inks deal with the Chilean Chamber of Digital Infrastructure

5G Americas inks deal with the Chilean Chamber of Digital Infrastructure

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5G Americas has entered into an agreement with the Chilean Chamber of Digital Infrastructure (IDICAM) for a knowledge exchange and potential joint collaboration.

As the industry association focused on the development of 5G and LTE in the Americas, 5G Americas promotes the development of digital infrastructure, fixed and mobile, telecoms in Chile.

“We are at a key moment in the digital industry where the expansion of networks, the deployment of infrastructure, sustainability and territorial commitment, changes in business models and the emergence of new players in the sector are occurring,” said Rodrigo Ramírez Pino, president of IDICAM.

“In addition, the development of the fifth technological generation, regulatory and normative challenges, requires us to partner with entities such as 5G Americas to redefine the contours of the industry and to promote continuous learning with the players in the sector.”

Under the terms of the partnership, 5G Americas and IDICAM establish a cooperation that will enable the two to explore and identify possible areas of mutual interest to be jointly developed.

Specifically, both parties will share relevant information, including materials such as publications, surveys, reports and research results, with each other.

Together the two will discover opportunities for collaboration on issues related to 5G communication networks, ICTs and their impact on development, systems architecture, interoperability and enablers for the future vision of 5G, among others.

“Our interest is to provide information and accompany institutions and countries in the processes they undertake for the development of concrete digitisation actions within the framework of policies that promote information and communication technologies and consider the impact they have on society.

“We are sure that the inter-institutional articulation materialized in this type of agreement constitutes a successful path for the efficient achievement of said objectives,” added José Otero, vice president of 5G Americas for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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