Brunei’s UNN selects BICS for managed services

Brunei’s UNN selects BICS for managed services

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Brunei’s Unified National Networks Sdn Bhd (UNN) has appointed BICS as its main provider of managed roaming services.

Comprising of three mobile sales companies - Imagine Sdn Bhd, Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd and Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd - UNN has consolidated its roaming services to enhance its capabilities and create a seamless experience for its users.  

In align with this objective UNN selecting BICS to manage its roaming operations has accelerated this consolidation, reduced roaming complexity, and ensured subscribers can benefit from complete voice, SMS, and data roaming services.

“Through partnering with BICS we have been able to deliver seamless mobile coverage and a great user experience not just to our subscribers, but to inbound visitors to Brunei,” said Dr Steffen Oehler, CEO of UNN Brunei.

“The roll-out of advanced roaming capabilities has enhanced the service for our country’s mobile users and helped bring us one step closer to our goal of a more connected and digitally integrated future.”

Through the collaboration with BICS, UNN’s retail partners will now benefit from BICS’ full managed roaming services which includes, end-to-end management of global voice, SMS and data roaming.

It also features round-the-clock support in proactive testing, monitoring and troubleshooting, and enhanced customer experience through value-add services, such as VIP monitoring.

Overall, the collaboration will enable BICS to run the operational management and the complexities associated with the multiple agreements needed to support such high roaming levels.

“UNN Brunei’s vision of creating a modern and cost-efficient digital platform is exactly where BICS can provide value through these services. We’re pleased to be working with a digitally forward operator so dedicated to providing connectivity excellence to its subscribers,” added Malcolm Chan (pictured), managing director of Asia at BICS.

“In a single month we were able to quickly and easily roll out roaming for Brunei subscribers in an additional 40 countries as a result of the bilateral partnerships we have with operators. By optimizing management of roaming operations through BICS, UNN Brunei is able to focus on accelerating its growth strategies, while delivering a seamless roaming experience for subscribers.”

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