Tata and BIX partner on next-gen OTN network in Bahrain

Tata and BIX partner on next-gen OTN network in Bahrain

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Tata Communications and Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) have extended their partnership to offer high speed internet connectivity in Bahrain.

Using a Optical Transport Unit (OTU-4) on the TGN-Gulf subsea cable system will create a robust, consistent, and manageable data transport infrastructure with the ability to scale up beyond 100Gbps.

In addition, to extend the TGN-Gulf cable system into business districts across the Middle East, Tata Communications is leveraging its existing partnerships with regional carriers in the likes of Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, to offer an end-to-end carrier neutral cable system.

As a result, the cable system seamlessly integrates into the Middle East and offers direct connectivity to Europe, India and onwards to the rest of the world.

“Keeping pace with Bahrain’s growing bandwidth requirements, the country needs new cable systems that are of high speed, well-laid and help bring global content closer to the country”, said Shaima Al Hamed, executive director at BIX.

“BIX is excited to combine its regional expertise with Tata Communications global presence to offer end customers a technically superior submarine cable system that opens access to both the East and West parts of the world. The next generation OTU-4 technology supported by TGN helps our customers create an intelligent software-defined network enabling them to serve their customers.”

Additionally, enterprises will benefit from the flexibility to future-proof and create a software-defined network, while still being compatible with legacy systems, all of which OTU-4 technology delivers.

It also helps enterprises adopt edge computing and make use of cloud express connect, to connect to different cloud nodes in and out of Bahrain. Also, the shorter round-trip delay will enhance the performance and stability of the enterprises’ data, voice, and video applications.

“We are happy to further strengthen our partnership with BIX in Bahrain and bring the latest technology to support data intensive consumer applications like e-commerce, online gaming, mobile and internet banking, industrial automation and Internet of Things (IoT) requiring extremely reliable high-capacity networks, said Vaneet Mehta (pictured), region head of Middle East, Central Asia & Africa at Tata Communications.

“This will give our global customers and partners in Bahrain open access to our TGN-Gulf cable system with high-capacity low latency data transmissions across the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and European regions. Our latest OTU-4 technology upgrade is also a step in the direction to continue focusing on strengthening and providing the Government and enterprises an ecosystem of holistic solutions.”

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