Qualcomm's 5G fellowship launches in Spain

Qualcomm's 5G fellowship launches in Spain

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Qualcomm has launched a fellowship and training programme to "identify, educate and attract" home-grown talent to work on the development of 5G in Spain.

Taking a public-private partnership approach, the university-level programme is a first of its kind for Spain and the result of a collaboration between the Rogelio Segovia Foundation for the Development of Telecommunications (Fundetel) with the support of Ad-Honorem Professor and Qualcomm's former board member Francisco Ros.

Designed by and named after Ros, the programme is called the Francisco Ros Qualcomm Fellowship and Training Programme and will see Qualcomm Incorporated Fund at CAF America contribute a total of US$300,000.

Fundetel and Qualcomm will both contribute to teaching, research and development in the areas of science, technology, culture and human knowledge, with special emphasis on the fields of IT, telecommunications and electronics.

Ros (pictured left) said: “Given the emotional and professional ties I have with the ETSIT-UPM as a former professor and researcher, I am overwhelmed that my vision for the training programme has turned into reality with my esteemed colleague Jorge Pérez, director of the course, at its helm. The rollout of 5G will be key to Spain’s continued economic success and I am humbled to play a part in the fostering of talent that is going to take on this important task.”

The first course started this week and will run to 10 May. It is called Strategic and technical vision of 5G mobile communications and is being held at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSIT-UPM).

Qualcomm has also set up a scholarship programme for students at the ETSIT-UPM to carry out Final Degree Projects, Master's Degree Projects, and Doctorate studies in mobile communications from this year until 2023/24.

Enrico Salvatori (pictured right), SVP and president, Qualcomm Europe/MEA  added: "All of us at Qualcomm are very proud to work with Francisco Ros and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid to help train and develop talent in 5G technologies. It is part of Qualcomm's commitment to making Europe more connected, from urban centres to rural areas. Our vision is that everyone can reap the benefits of high-speed networks, whether it is industry, commerce, the public sector, agriculture or society as a whole.”



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