Nokia supports China Mobile nationwide public cloud roll-out

Nokia supports China Mobile nationwide public cloud roll-out

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Nokia is supporting the roll-out of cloud services and data centre interconnectivity by China Mobile Cloud.

The China Mobile subsidiary company will use Nokia's Nuage Networks' end-to-end SDN (software defined networking) solution for the China-wide deployment of its public cloud service.

The Nuage virtualised cloud services (VCS) system will provide network automation across networks and clouds of all sizes, allowing end customers to build fully isolated and secure virtual private clouds (VPCs) that connect to other VPCs, the internet and enterprise data centres.

Nuage can support a massive number of virtual machines and bare metal services in the same network with full policy control. The flexible architecture also allows direct connectivity between the end points without going through gateways, which can quickly become bottlenecks in a cloud environment.

The technology includes an SDN controller, a software switch, SDN gateway, firewall, load balancer and VPN.

Markus Bochert, president of Nokia Greater China, said: “With Nokia’s Nuage SDN portfolio and our customised service we’re confident to support China Mobile Cloud to pursue its goal in the evolving cloud era.”

Last month, Nokia said it was planning to axe between 5,000 and 10,000 jobs worldwide in the next two years to cut around €600 million in costs, and free up more investment in the growing 5G infrastructure and cloud services markets.

The company currently has 90,000 employees around the world and the latest jobs cull - across all four business units - comes after others over the last five years.

Also in March, Nokia announced go-to-market deals with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, all focusing on connectivity services through the cloud.

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