Megaport unveils its on-demand NFV service, Megaport Virtual Edge

Megaport unveils its on-demand NFV service, Megaport Virtual Edge

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Megaport confirms the launch of Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE), an on-demand vendor-neutral network function virtualisation (NFV) service.

The new offering enables branch-to-cloud connectivity on Megaport's global software defined network (SDN) and allows companies to host network functions such as virtual routers, SD-WAN controllers as well as future networking technologies directly on Megaport's global platform to extend their network functions closer to the edge, in real time, and without the need to deploy hardware.

"As enterprises and service providers rapidly adopt SD-WAN technology to improve edge network connectivity, the ability for Megaport customers to easily, and in minutes, 'spin up' SD-WAN virtual appliances around the world on our platform is a big enabler for global organisations," said Vincent English (pictured), CEO of Megaport.

"Having these virtual appliances fully integrated into Megaport's global Software Defined Network allows customers to optimise their SD-WAN connectivity via a single workflow to improve overall network and application performance at a fraction of the cost of legacy methods."

MVE is available in 15 metros across North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe with 6 additional locations to be available at the end of April 2021.

In addition, the MVE solution enables customers to host localised virtual SD-WAN controllers on Megaport's global platform and reduce the distance data traverses over internet paths from branch locations to critical services in public or private clouds and even other branch locations.

Once connected, customers can access Megaport's leading ecosystem of more than 700 enabled data centres worldwide and over 360 service providers, including 220+ cloud on-ramps.

As a result, Megaport and Cisco have partnered to integrate Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect with MVE for enterprises that want their SD-WAN controllers to be able to provision on-demand cloud interconnects using Megaport's SDN.

"Cisco's collaboration with Megaport enables customers to extend their Cisco SD-WAN fabric from site to multiple clouds over a direct, high-performance, and neutral interconnect platform, delivering enhanced performance and security," said JL Valente, vice president of product management, for Cisco Enterprise Routing, SD-WAN and Cloud Networking.

"The integration of Cisco's new SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect with Megaport Virtual Edge brings together the secure networking capability of Cisco SD-WAN and the programmable, on-demand cloud interconnects offered by Megaport to automate provisioning of high-performance site-to-cloud and site-to-site connectivity."

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