DigiPlex selected by Dansk Telemedicin for colocation services

DigiPlex selected by Dansk Telemedicin for colocation services

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DigiPlex has welcomed Dansk Telemedicin A/S to its data centre in Copenhagen.

Dansk Telemedicin develops internet-based systems for collecting, structuring and sharing medical data.

The company creates data services and workflows, working with hospitals and care providers. It includes handling confidential and sensitive personal data.

The company said DigiPlex's reputation and track record was key in its decision to move to the DigiPlex facility in central Copenhagen. 

"We believe that our systems should adapt to our customers, not the other way around," said Thomas Berner, Head of Sales and Compliance at Dansk Telemedicin.

"The flexibility and stability, as well as the understanding of our area of work, weighed heavily in the choice of colocation-provider."

Moving to DigiPlex is set to provide Dansk Telemedicin with a flexible resource for its data centre needs and place it into an ecosystem providing connectivity to current and potential partners, suppliers and customers, the company revealed.

"Dansk Telemedicin is a recognized name in Danish healthcare IT and we are pleased to welcome them to DigiPlex," said Fredrik Jansson, DigiPlex CCO.

"Any organisation dealing with healthcare data needs 100% confidence in the security and stability of the infrastructure they rely on. We are pleased to be able to deliver this confidence to Dansk Telemedicin."

DigiPlex was established in Copenhagen in 2018 following the takeover of an existing data centre from Telia, which became one of DigiPlex's customers. The data centre is 1,600 square meters.

Last month, DigiPlex announced it had expanded its Danish portfolio further through the acquisition of a plot of 110,000 m2 to construct five data centres for a new campus site.

DigiPlex’s second data centre site in Denmark will feature waste heat recovery technology to feed into the existing district heating system as part of an environmental sustainability commitment.

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