AMS-IX and Sify to launch four IX’s in India

AMS-IX and Sify to launch four IX’s in India

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AMS-IX and Sify, the Indian ICT service & solution provider, have expanded their footprint of internet exchanges in India.

With new interconnection hubs located in Kolkata, Noida, Hyderabad and Chennai, the two say they are committed to enhancing the quality of the Internet in India by increasing connectivity through public peering.

The partnership started with the launch of a neutral and independent Internet Exchange in Mumbai, shortly followed by an expansion to the digital hotspots of Kolkata, Noida, Hyderabad and Chennai, enabling both companies to enhance the quality of network interconnections to these regions.

“Last couple of years we saw tremendous growth in India with traffic nearly doubling in a year time,” said Peter van Burgel (pictured), CEO of AMS-IX.

“By expanding to four new locations AMS-IX and Sify Technologies are delivering on their promise to bring high quality and value-for-money connectivity to the region.”

Through this partnership with AMS-IX, Sify aims to give content, application and service providers greater options to interconnect with one another across the metros of the India and as a result leading to low latency and cost efficiencies and improving user experience.

Due to go live in 2021, the Internet Exchanges in Kolkata (AMS-IX Kolkata), Hyderabad (AMS-IX Hyderabad), Noida (AMS-IX Noida) and Chennai (AMS-IX Chennai) will keep the same names, will AMS-IX India will be rebranded as AMS-IX Mumbai with the existing Sify Airoli DC as the new node.

All exchanges will be built using the AMS-IX IX-as-a-service solution and customers will be able to connect and exchange traffic via dedicated ports with speeds of 1, 10 or 100Gbps.

In related news, February saw Ruben Van den Brink named as its new CTO who will lead the technical team through the digital transformation process at the IX.

Specifically, Van den Brink will lead the technical team and guide them through the IX's digitalisation as AMS-IX continues to automate processes and change the way it supports the market.

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