French port of Le Havre goes live with 5G from Orange

French port of Le Havre goes live with 5G from Orange

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Orange has gone live with 5G coverage in the port area of Le Havre, France.

Now available to companies in the area, Le Havre is now the first major French seaport to have access to 5G based on the 3.5GHz mobile technology.

Delivering speeds up to 4 times faster than 4G, 5G coverage in the area will provide improved quality of service to businesses in the industrial port area, as well as allows for new use cases to be developed with increased security.

In addition, by having this 5G network will add to competitiveness of the port area as will now benefit from real-time data as well as being able to use connected robotics, augmented reality maintenance or even make remote interventions possible.

“5G is a major technological revolution and a unique opportunity for all companies in the industrial port area and the urban community of Havre Seine Métropole,” said Stéphane Richard (pictured), chairman and CEO of Orange.

“It will help improve their competitiveness, efficiency and flexibility. It will also be a powerful lever for economic recovery and energy transition, two major challenges for our society.”

Additionally, the new network will also enable various digital projects in the areas of IoT, AI, deep learning, edge computing, designed within the framework of the "smart port city" innovation territory (IT).

As part of this project, Orange Business Services has for the last two years, been developing the Smart Data Services platform with Haropa and the Le Havre Seine Métropole urban community, which makes it possible to offer data-based service offers in the urban and port ecosystems.

In related news, earlier this month Orange went live with its 3.5 GHz 5G network in Paris 

As a result, this new network will deliver “theoretical maximum speeds up to 3 times faster than 4G”.

The French capital has just joined 235 municipalities already deployed in 5G by Orange and, in particular, the 51 Ile-de-France towns in the inner suburbs.

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