Huawei unveils global data centre and power supply solution

Huawei unveils global data centre and power supply solution

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Huawei has launched a next-generation data centre and power supply solutions at its Digitally Transforming Energy Infrastructure online event.

The company promised to make any room a data centre as it outlined a new, smart modular data centre solution for small and edge computing scenarios, including three data centre products.

Huawei partner NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) has already adopted this solution, according to NetCraft sales director Benjamin Wong.

"With the Huawei Modular Data Centre Solution, all required components are modular," Wong said.

"An easy way for customers to understand this solution is to consider that each component is like a building block: You can build up your castle by adding different blocks, so you can add more blocks in the future when needed."

In the next five years, Information Technology (IT) devices will continue to evolve, with ever-higher computing power and density needed, Huawei noted. Central Processing Unit (CPU) and server power requirements will also increase.

To balance efficiency and costs, data centres will therefore develop toward higher density models, precisely the direction that Huawei's ongoing Research and Development (R&D) investment has taken: namely, the implementation of a high-density, efficient, intelligent power supply and distribution system.


A defining trend of digital transformation is the widespread emergence of digital sites - telecom sites, edge computing sites, video sites, amongst others. The company said this reflects the increasing Information Communications Technology (ICT) convergence.

For site level energy storage and backup, Huawei launched CloudLi, a fifth generation energy storage system.

“Compared with common lithium batteries, Huawei CloudLi offers improved performance in terms of power density and reliability, alongside a range of intelligent features to help customers reduce both Capital Expenditure and Operating Expenditure,” said the company in a written release.

“Particularly important with staffing restrictions in place during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CloudLi supports remote, intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M), doing away with manual tasks such as onsite inspection and onsite maintenance.”

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