DRFortress expands data centre in Hawaii

DRFortress expands data centre in Hawaii


Hawaii based data centre operator DRFortress has announced an expansion to its data centre campus in Honolulu.

The company said the facility is complete and ready for service. DRFortress added 125 cabinets, creating a total of 600 cabinets for lease and a space of 55,000 sqf.

This is the company’s third expansion, which will provide more available space, power, and environmental controls.

The company also mentioned that the new expansion will accommodate up to 18kW in a single cabinet for its customers to deploy more equipment in a smaller footprint.

The DRFortress data centre is an “ideal location” for Hawaii customers, said the company, in order for there to be a form of connectivity to existing carriers with a cross connection.

The facility is located outside of flood zones and extended tsunami areas.

The company recently added Cloud Connect, Hawaii’s only on-ramp service to public clouds, and additional new services are planned for later this year.

“We continue to work toward our vision of becoming a major digital hub in the Pacific,” said Fred Rodi, President and Founder of DRFortress.

“This expansion gives our customers the power and cooling they need to bring in their next-generation equipment while taking advantage of our rich mix of carriers and ISPs.”

For the company’s latest expansion, DRFortress implemented several PUE efficiencies and designed private cages with customised power to accommodate its initial three anchor tenants being commissioned this month, including Stellar Technologies, a cloud and IT infrastructure services company. More tenants are scheduled to go live in the second quarter.

“DRFortress is a true IT partner,” said Wayne Johnson, CEO of Stellar Technologies.

“They configured our private cage design to meet the exact space and power requirements for our expansion in Hawaii.

“We now have the flexibility to scale our space as our business requirements evolve over the next few years.”

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