Telenor extends digital transformation agreement with CSG

Telenor extends digital transformation agreement with CSG

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CSG confirms the extension of its multi-year digital transformation agreement with Telenor Global Services.

Under the terms of expanded agreement, CSG will deploy its cloud-based digital wholesale solution suite for Telenor in order to simplify and streamline its operations.  

“To enhance customer experience and foster a more efficient business model, our goal is to be fully cloud-based this year,” said Tone Snellingen, chief sales officer at Telenor Global Services.

“Using CSG’s digital wholesale solution suite, we can increase quality, speed, and responsiveness for our customers, while driving efficiencies through development and process improvements. Our relationship with CSG will not only help accelerate our digital transformation, but also leverage the cloud to reduce complexities and simplify our network operations.”

Overall, CSG is migrating Telenor’s on-premise wholesale network to a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) system that will enhance Telenor’s routing, enable hands-on control, increase visibility in its intercarrier business, and lower its capital and operating expenditures. 

In addition, CSG’s digital wholesale solution uses a single point of contact, enabling Telenor to create efficiencies and deliver new functionality.

It also provides full support for origin-based routing and optimised features for network provisioning and enables Telenor to create bespoke customer products as well as the ability meet customer demands for individual routing and pricing.

“As Telenor looks to extend its industry leadership, we are excited to leverage our digital wholesale expertise to help them automate their business processes, manage risk, and control costs,” added James Kirby, head of CSG's EMEA business.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our 15-year relationship with Telenor by delivering this critical transformation and helping to move their wholesale business into the cloud and into the future.”

In related news, at the start of the year CSG has appointed Channing Martin Jones as the company’s first chief diversity and social responsibility officer.

As CSG’s first c-suite executive in the area of DEI, Jones has pledged to implement a fresh approach to equity and inclusion that emphasises the importance of being seen, heard, and valued across the company.

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