Mascini quits her EdgeInfra start-up to head Netflix project in EMEA

Mascini quits her EdgeInfra start-up to head Netflix project in EMEA

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EdgeInfra founder and CEO Cara Mascini has joined Netflix as director of its Open Connect project.

Mascini will lead Open Connect’s EMEA network strategy and its ISP partner engagement activities, she announced this morning.

“Quite a change from the previous years of start-up adventures,” she announced, “and such a great opportunity to join one of the largest content platforms and entertainment companies worldwide and a great team!”

Open Connect is Netflix’s programme to enable customers to get a better viewing experience. “Our partnerships with ISPs are key to deliver Netflix content more efficiently, both for the ISP, Netflix and our mutual subscribers,” said Mascini.

According to Netflix, it partners with over a thousand ISPs to localise substantial amounts of traffic with Open Connect Appliance embedded deployments. It has an open peering policy at its interconnection locations.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Mascini has this month ended her association with EdgeInfra and also with Yes!Delft, where she was entrepreneur in residence.

Capacity asked Job Witteman, her co-founder at EdgeInfra, whether he is planning to appoint a new CEO. . “We are evaluating our options,” he said this morning.

Mascini and Witteman set up EdgeInfra in 2018 in order to supply micro data centres to run on the edge of networks.

The company, EdgeInfra, planned to run proofs of concepts in the Netherlands and Germany and is already working with potential customers.


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