Nokia launches its SEP to for Open RAN

Nokia launches its SEP to for Open RAN

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Nokia has unveiled its Service Enablement Platform (SEP), the first commercial solution to deliver radio network programmability, AI and ML, across the Open RAN (O-RAN) ecosystem.

Nokia’s SEP launches with its RIC xApps, a suite of plugins which give CSPs advanced control of 5G radio network use cases, which includes Advanced Traffic Steering and Anomaly Detection that are currently in trials with major communication service providers (CSPs).

Nokia’s SEP combines the near-real time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and Multi-access edge computing (MEC) on a single platform. It also uses low-latency information to boost optimisation through closed-loop automation and faster, more flexible service deployments.

“The level of activity in the Open RAN space has rapidly evolved over the last twelve months,” said Daryl Schoolar, practice leader for Service Provider Networks at Omdia.

“Nokia’s latest announcement about implementing the O-RAN standardised near real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) function together with MEC on its Service Enablement Platform product which supports xApps from multiple sources, including third-party, reinforces Nokia´s firm commitment to O-RAN and Open RAN solutions.”

In addition, it also adds programmability with AI/ML technologies, enabling innovative RAN use cases, including Automated AI/ML based network optimisation xApps and enterprise specific RAN adaptation.

Using Nokia’s edge-optimised AirFrame servers, SEP can operate at the edge and share infrastructure with Cloud RAN and other virtualised network functions.

“Embracing open collaboration is key to the development of 5G use cases and harnessing the true power of the technology. Nokia’s Service Enablement Platform adds a new intelligence layer to the RAN and enables the creation of high value add use cases,” added Pasi Toivanen, head of edge cloud BU at Nokia.

“This is part of Nokia’s continued commitment to leading an open mobile future with a strong network performance and security. We are committed to making it easier for our CSP customers to actively support the adoption of Open RAN principles and standards.”

Nokia performed the first RIC trials in commercial networks and is working with global CSP and research groups on further proof of concepts, trials and development this includes public trials with AT&T and China Mobile.

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