Fastweb selects BICS for IPX security

Fastweb selects BICS for IPX security

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Italian operator Fastweb has chosen BICS to enhance its IPX security to protect the international mobile traffic of its customer base.

Through this partnership, Fastweb will use BICS’ IPX security solution for intelligent intrusion detection. This solution combines carrier-grade screening protection with real-time intelligence, enabling operators to secure its network infrastructure against signalling attacks.

“Fastweb has always prioritized the protection of its customer base from malicious attacks,” said Andrea Lasagna, chief technology officer of Fastweb.

“Thanks to the perfect combination of network and security expertise, BICS’ IPX security solution provides us a further robust tool to secure vulnerabilities across our entire network and safeguard mobile subscribers from potential threats.”

IPX security, also referred to as Signalling Network Security, is a list of vulnerabilities in telecom protocols used for roaming interworking. These include the risk of interception of communication such as SMS or voice calls, subscriber-tracking, and other telecoms fraud abusing the signalling relay to mobile operators’ networks.

As such, BICS uses its visibility of international network traffic to give mobile operators the knowledge and tools to protect their business.

In addition, BICS’ solution combines its Telecom Intrusion Detection System with network enforcement and 24/7 support.

“Our bespoke approach enabled us to provide Fastweb with a solution that was tailored to its specific needs, further helping to advance its cyber security position. With the solution, Fastweb benefits from our continuous investments in security and fraud prevention that help operators effectively fight and manage evolving threats,” added Katia Gonzalez (pictured), head of security & fraud prevention, BICS.

“Moreover, through our international wholesale carrier business, we are able to leverage our neutrality to foster global knowledge sharing among operators, an important element in jointly securing the telecommunications ecosystem.” 

This collaboration builds on BICS’ existing relationship with Fastweb having already incorporated the outsourcing of end-to-end connectivity provision, from capacity, to BICS’ one-stop-shop for roaming across 3G and 4G networks, and outbound voice roaming traffic.

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