Chayora first Northern China data centre to receive Uptime Institute award

Chayora first Northern China data centre to receive Uptime Institute award

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Chayora Limited has revealed that it is the first data centre in Northern China to have been awarded both Uptime’s Institute Tier III Certificate of Design Documents and a provisional Tier IIII Certification of Constructed Facility.

Chayora’s hyperscale Tianjin 1 (TJ1) data centre, situated in the Beijing region, is one of two data centres certified to this level in Mainland China, according to the company.

“We offer hyperscale clients exceptional scalability across the Chayora campus, offering up to 25,000 racks in seven build-to-suit standalone data centre facilities with over 300MVA gross power available: traditional and renewable,” said Tiger Zhao, Operations Director.

“The facilities certification from Uptime Institute that we have achieved demonstrates the exceptional standards we work toward.”

Chayora’s first operational site in Tianjin is a 32-hectare/ 80-acre campus, equivalent to 61 standard football fields.

The data centre is located at the heart of Northern China ​in the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Tri-state Region to cater to the artificial intelligence, financial services and high technology sectors.

 Chayora acquired the provisional Tier Certification of Constructed Facilities award in a three-month period.

“We are pleased with Chayora’s achievement in receiving the provisional Tier III Certification of Constructed Facilities award,” said Chris Brown, Chief Technical Officer, Uptime Institute.

“Chayora successfully demonstrated compliance with Tier III requirements for the remote portion of the functional demonstrations, provisionally meeting the requirements for a Tier Certification of Constructed Facility Award, a significant milestone in the process.”

This Chayora facility had already been certified in October 2020 as the first OCP Ready data centre in China and this second (provisional) award by the Uptime Institute underscores its construction and design. 

Currently, only three other data centre campuses in Mainland China have achieved this level of certification from Uptime Institute, one being a government operated facility and the other two offering commercial colocation services. 

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