Dynamic Spectrum Alliance praises Brazil’s unlicensed access to 6GHz

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance praises Brazil’s unlicensed access to 6GHz

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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) president, Martha Suarez has praised Brazil’s Anatel for granting unlicensed access to the complete 5925-7124 MHz band (6GHz band).

According to DSA, the move will unlock $163.5 billion for the Brazil economy and will position it as a hub for the development of new technologies and use cases, all of which will greatly benefit its local economy.

“The allocation of the full 6 GHz band is critical so that technologies using unlicensed spectrum, such as Wi-Fi 6E, may launch, develop, and thrive in Brazil,” said Suarez (pictured above).

“Likewise, Anatel’s decision paves the way for the future implementation of Wifi 7 and NR-U technologies in Brazil, making the country a leader in cutting-edge connectivity solutions.”

In addition, the DSA says that unlicensed access to the 6GHz band will benefit Brazilian business and private consumers by delivering enough Wifi capacity for data intensive video applications, 4G and 5G (data) offloading, and enbaling users to take advantage of the new applications enabled by the large channel sizes available with the new Wifi-6E generation of equipment.

“Unlicensed spectrum use of the 6GHz band will make possible the spread of broadband connectivity and democratization of internet access in Brazil, especially by small-sized ISPs, aligned to the public policies established for the sector,” added Suarez.

“More unlicensed spectrum allocation should be considered for the 6GHz band to be used to its full potential so support Wifi networks and wireless devices for both residential and corporate use.”

In monetary terms, the allocation of 1200MHz in the 6GHz band will contribute $112.14 billion to gross domestic product; $30.03 billion in producer surplus for Brazilian companies; and $21.19 billion in consumer surplus for Brazil between now and 2030, according to a study by the DSA and Telecom Advisory Services.

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