Macquarie Telecom inks A$34m 5G deal with Optus

Macquarie Telecom inks A$34m 5G deal with Optus

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Macquarie Telecom has signed a A$34 million exclusive agreement with Optus to rollout 5G mobile services in Australia.

The partnership brings together Macquarie’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) proven customer service with Optus’ extensive mobile network.

The news comes as after a strategic review of mobile solutions, and will enable Macquarie to offer: 5G connectivity, wifi calling, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and new coverage tools enabling customers to make coverage decisions.

In addition, Macquarie plans to expand its mobile business and hire new staff over the next three years, in response to increasing demand for mobility and 5G services.

“2020 changed the way Australians work forever. By providing 5G connectivity along with business grade nbn, we can ensure Australian businesses can work from more places than ever before,” said Luke Clifton (pictured), group executive at Macquarie Telecom.

“The fact is that 5G is here. It is fast becoming a necessity and complementary service to nbn for Australian businesses. This agreement will ensure we can continue to compete in a market that is still underserved and overcharged. These new mobile offerings will also enable the right tools, technologies and customer service to manage a mobile workforce.”

This new multi-year agreement with Optus ends Macquarie’s wholesale mobile contract with Telstra. Optus’ wholesale offering was selected due to its focus on collaboration, 5G network and innovation in the space of future technologies.

“Based on our comprehensive review, Optus was the clear choice in terms of superior technology, flexibility to build the right solutions, and cooperation,” added Clifton.

“It is leading Australia’s wholesale 5G market, offers incredibly fast 5G and continues to invest heavily in its 5G network. Crucially, it understands the value of partnership in Australia’s 5G future while others are actively inhibiting it.”

The new services will be available to all customers, with existing customers gaining similar access over the next few months. The process will be managed end-to-end by Macquarie’s local mobile support team.

“Macquarie has a great reputation for customer service and Optus is genuinely excited to be partnering with Macquarie to deliver mobility solutions that businesses need today more than ever.” says Ben White, managing director of wholesale, satellite and strategy, Optus.

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