Aruba to use edge deployments for work place safety solutions

Aruba to use edge deployments for work place safety solutions


Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company (NYSE: HPE) has unveiled an expanded set of integrated Edge and IoT solutions to enable organisations to bring employees back to physical workplaces safely.

Developed using Aruba Wi-Fi access points (AP’s), EnOcean 800/900MHz radios that insert into the AP’s, and compatible IoT devices from Aruba Technology Partners.

The company said that these solutions monitor hoteling spaces, room occupancy, air quality, and cleaning/disinfection scheduling.

“By operating on customers’ existing Aruba infrastructure and leveraging cloud-based applications, the solutions can be rapidly deployed and eliminate the need for expensive IoT overlay networks,” said the company.

Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) provides the cloud-native network infrastructure that underpins EnOcean’s integration with Aruba.

Plugging an EnOcean 800/900MHz USB adapter into an Aruba AP enables communication with wireless IoT air quality monitors, presence detectors, light level sensors, and other devices that use EnOcean-developed protocols, wireless radios, and energy harvesting power sources, according to the company.

IoT data is streamed from the AP to the target return-to-work application over secure tunnels.

“The simplest, most automated and cost-effective way to implement return-to-work safety initiatives is by deploying data-driven smart solutions on top of existing IT infrastructure,” said Michael Tennefoss, vice president of IoT and Strategic Partnerships at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

“Because of their ubiquitous deployment throughout enterprises, in locations that are ideal for wireless sensor communications, Aruba AP’s are ideal on-ramps for return-to-work IoT devices.

“As monitoring and safety requirements change over time, additional IoT devices can be added by tapping into the EnOcean Alliance, a vast ecosystem of vendors that have developed interoperable, self-powered wireless sensor solutions.

“Armed with this technology, organisations can re-open with confidence today using a future-proof platform that is ready for what lies ahead.”

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