CBRE Data Center Solutions teams with Virtual Power Systems

CBRE Data Center Solutions teams with Virtual Power Systems

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CBRE Data Center Solutions has partnered with Virtual Power Systems (VPS) to offer VPS’s suite of services that unlock stranded power capacity to CBRE’s global data centre clients.

CBRE is set to be a preferred deployment partner for VPS customers. VPS’s Software-Defined Power platform alters data centre power distribution by extending the value of virtualization to the power plane.

VPS’s Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) technology tracks real-time data centre power usage.

It allocates energy to data centre servers, racks and systems to increase utilisation while maintaining, and in many cases, increasing data centre uptime.

“Our goal of continually adding value for our clients will be increased with VPS,” said Martin Murphy, CBRE’s Chief Operating Officer, Data Center Solutions.

“Through their Software-Defined Power technology, we will enhance system optimisation in ways previously unavailable.

“By virtualising data centre power infrastructure, our clients have the potential to reclaim stranded capacity and enhance their system resiliency while simultaneously lowering costs.”


CBRE Data Center Solutions is a large mission-critical service provider that manages over 700 data centres in 50 countries for colocation providers, hyperscalers, and enterprises.

“In conversations with our clients, efficiency, agility, scale, and innovation are hot topics,” said Zahl Limbuwala, CBRE’s Executive Director of Strategy and Market Enablement, Data Center Solutions.

“VPS’s ground-breaking Software-Defined Power technology will help them on the journey to autonomous digital infrastructure.

“The VPS solution will help our clients maximise the productivity of every watt of data centre capacity.”

As part of the partnership, CBRE will implement and manage the VPS ICE platform for their clients who adopt the technology.

“CBRE is the world’s leading data centre management company, and we’re excited to work with their engineers and facility managers to help their clients optimize power utilisation,” said Dean Nelson, CEO of Virtual Power Systems.

“By unlocking stranded power, data centres can reduce costs and simultaneously increase resiliency. We are in the midst of an unprecedented data tsunami boosted by the global pandemic and exponential growth in Internet usage.

“Today’s data centres need to be agile, efficient and highly reliable. Software-Defined Power removes expensive over-provisioning, increases system utilisation and protects workloads through continuous monitoring and actuation of the power infrastructure. We look forward to working with CBRE to deliver increased value for their clients.”

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