DEAC to expand partners' data centre network in Lithuania

DEAC to expand partners' data centre network in Lithuania


European data centre operator DEAC is expanding its partners DC network by adding Data Centre Logistics’ (DLC) data centres in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Besides new location, DEAC owns a 2.3MW and 0.4MW data centre in Riga, Latvia and a third with 4MW and additional 400 racks under construction.

The company revealed it developed partnerships with locations in Moscow, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Kiev and Amsterdam.

“Close geographical location of Riga and Vilnius allows building together Baltic region level IT infrastructure for power and capacity demanding customers,” said DEAC in a written release.

“Now two Baltic data centre operators can provide services that are more competitive in the region and beyond, both in areas of data centre and data transmission.”

DEAC has also started to implement its plan on its Riga data centre expansion and improvement of energy efficiency with planned investments this year for €1 million.

"With direct and fast multi x10Gbit/s connections, it is possible to offer versatile IT solutions and reliable cloud or colocation infrastructure for backup and risk diversification in Europe and in Russia," said Andris Gailitis, DEAC CEO.

In 2020, Latvian DEAC and Lithuanian DLC became part of Quaero Capital.

In January, DEAC added two Kohler-SDMO generators and expanded cooling equipment with Vertiv Liebert HPC Chiller and CRAH equipment to improve PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) performance and prepare data centre for Europe's "climate-neutral" requirements by 2030.

DEAC also replaced 235 fluorescent light sources and 24 area luminaires with LED luminaires. As a result, qualitative lightning in the data centre and significant annual savings on electricity, according to the company.

Besides investments in the Riga data centre infrastructure, the company has planned several services upgrades with self-service platforms for virtualization automation and standard dedicated servers' configurations for small business customers and partners' convenience.

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