Telxius interconnects MAREA and Dunant for trans-Atlantic offering

Telxius interconnects MAREA and Dunant for trans-Atlantic offering

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Telxius confirms the availability of the Dunant subsea cable, adding to its existing MAREA cable across the Atlantic.

Now that Dunant has become ready for service, Telxius adds a 6,600km long system that directly connects the US with the French Atlantic coast. In all, the combined subsea proposition connects Ashburn, Richmond and Virginia Beach in the US to Paris, Madrid and Derio (Bilbao) in Europe.

With Dunant now a part of the Telxius portfolio means that customers benefit from Telxius’ footprint, network capabilities and services. In addition, the expansion of the Telxius network on Dunant, brings much needed diversity and resiliency to its trans-Atlantic route. 


Looking at the cable map, the two systems create a loop-based system that interconnect at each landing point. The Dunant cable lands in Saint-Hilaire de Riez in France, while MAREA lands Sopelana, Spain before fully interconnecting in Paris, and onward connectivity options to hubs like London, Marsielle and Amsterdam, to name a few.

On the other side of the Atlantic, MAREA and Dunant both land at the Virginia Beach CLS Campus, with onward terrestrial links to Ashburn and Richmond.


To date Telxius operates subsea cables in 21 countries and 52 cities, offering 20Tbps of IP capacity, 88 PoPs, 19 fully owned landing stations, and 2 redundant NOCs.  This will increase to  100,000 km of fiber optic cables by the end of 2021.

In related news, Dunant consortium member Orange, confirmed that that its capacity on the Dunant cable is now ready for service and that it has formed a partnership on the AMITIÉ cable that is due to go live in Q1 2022. 

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