Israel drafts new IoT frequency and import legislation

Israel drafts new IoT frequency and import legislation


Israel's Ministry of Communications is working on new legislation that will enhance the country's "import and operation" of advanced technologies, including IoT, for the first time.

Specifically, the country will increase the number of wireless frequency bands currently permitted for various applications "to about 100 bands permitted for unfettered use".

The MoC said the new frequency bands are used for advanced detectors and sensors in industry, 5Ghz wireless internet frequencies that have been prohibited for non-domestic use until now, smart radar systems (direction and distance detection) installed in vehicles and on roads, and advanced medical technologies as well as other use cases.

Rules around importing wireless equipment are also proposed to change with the MoC relaxing some rules around import permits. On this point, the Ministry said importers of communication equipment will be able to obtain a permit to import wireless equipment, based on an existing permit, "without being required to present original documents from the manufacturer, which they are unable to obtain in most cases".

The director general of the department was quoted as saying: “The new technologies that are permitted will bring us closer to the forefront of progress in IoT and smart uses in medicine, industry and at home, and will change our lifestyles. We will continue to work to facilitate importers to encourage competition and reduce the cost of living.”

Drafts of both new pieces of legislation are to be published on the government's legislation website: The Wireless Telegraph Regulations (Exemption from Licensing) and the Wireless Telegraph Regulations (Modification Certificates).