Interxion pledges Carbon Neutral Certification by year-end

Interxion pledges Carbon Neutral Certification by year-end

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Interxion: A Digital Realty Company (NYSE: DLR) has announced its French subsidiary is on target to achieve a carbon neutral footprint for its existing French data centres by the end of 2020.

Interxion France's sustainability plan projects it will remain carbon neutral through 2030 for both existing facilities and future expansion, based on scope 1 and 2 emissions.

The company said this milestone supports Digital Realty's global sustainability commitment to target a 68% reduction in direct emissions and a 24% reduction in indirect emissions by 2030.

This is set to be in line with a 1.5-degree climate change scenario and along with over 1,000 organisations that have committed to reduce emissions through the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). 

With its expanding enterprise presence, Paris has emerged as one of the leading metros for data gravity intensity worldwide and a hub for digital infrastructure expansion, according to Digital Realty's recently published Data Gravity Index DGx.

"One of the benefits of this approach, which has been underway for many years, is that it allows us to support our clients to achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives by offering them the sustainable solutions they expect," said Fabrice Coquio, managing director of Interxion France. 

"As a result, we are directly helping to offset our customers' carbon footprint and make their digital activities more environmentally responsible. 

“We are proud to say that Interxion France is on pace to be carbon neutral by year-end 2020, with plans to maintain our carbon neutral status through at least 2030." 

Interxion France said it has been working to reduce its carbon footprint since 2014 and was the first major data centre operator in France to purchase electricity from renewable energy sources. 

On an annual basis, the company procures renewable energy from French-based projects equivalent to its total energy consumption in the country. 


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