Bulk Infrastructure data centre selected to house UK HPC system

Bulk Infrastructure data centre selected to house UK HPC system

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Norway data centre operator Bulk Infrastructure have been selected by a London based Quant hedge fund to house its High-Performance Computing (HPC) system.

The new HPC cluster triples the compute capacity of its existing facilities in London, and the company said with the latest AI server architecture, the density required pushing the power to well over 30kW per rack.

“We are delighted to welcome another new customer to our N01 Norway Campus,” said Rob Elder, Vice-President at Bulk Data Centers.

“The industry is increasingly seeing the sustainability and low-cost opportunities Bulk provides at our Nordic facilities as very compelling.

“Additionally, it is a great achievement to be able to support this customer during these unprecedented times. Our open and collaborative approach really helped to reduce complexity and ensure a smooth process into operations.”

Upon evaluating various providers from across the Nordics, including Iceland and Finland, the London based Quant hedge fund concluded that the solution provided by Bulk in Norway achieved all of their objectives.

“Delivering the lowest cost of compute based on the low energy price combined with 100% renewable energy at the Kristiansand site meant the sustainability aligned with their overall corporate objectives,” said the company in a written release.

“The 1000 trees planted by Bulk to further contribute to lowering the carbon footprint was also a welcome bonus.”

Bulk helped the company plan and implement the solution during the full lockdown across Europe and ensured deployment with advice and support on power procurement, importing tax and logistics to fit out of the company’s equipment.

A spokesperson for the company said, “In the end, we chose Bulk as we found them to be very engaged throughout and really understood our two main goals.

“Bulk was most aligned with these and worked hard to make their solution the most attractive overall, considering both the sustainability and the total cost of operation.”

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