PCCW Global’s Console Connect delivers private connectivity to RingCentral

Michael Glynn PCCW.png

PCCW Global has formed a new collaboration with RingCentral to provide on-demand private network connections to RingCentral’s global unified communication services.

With PCCW Global’s Console Connect software-defined interconnection platform, available through more than 350 global data centres, enterprises can establish on-demand private network connections to RingCentral’s global unified communication services.

Enterprises in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and education benefit from networks with high availability and superior quality to access RingCentral’s services and ensure business continuity. Console Connect aligns with this demand in delivering a service-level agreement that guarantees the high quality of service.

“The rapid growth in the number of companies adopting RingCentral Global Office is creating opportunities for our partners, from integrating applications and services to providing new network connection services,” said Amir Hameed, vice president of global solutions engineering, RingCentral.

“PCCW Global’s Console Connect provides customers with the ability to utilise private network connections for their business communications by adding additional control and management capabilities. At RingCentral we are focused on ensuring our customers have the flexible options they need for effective business communications.”

RingCentral customers, once connected to the Console Connect platform, can establish private connections between their enterprise sites and RingCentral global cloud services through the Console Connect web portal.

In addition, connection bandwidth can be changed rapidly as required to meet changing business demands.

“We are excited to integrate with RingCentral platform to provide fast, simple and secure connections to RingCentral Cloud,” added Michael Glynn (pictured), vice president of digital automated innovation, PCCW Global.

“The integration will support the growing requirements of remote workers using RingCentral’s cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions across the world.”

Overall, the availability of RingCentral cloud-based communication services on the Console Connect platform will give businesses with greater network flexibility and reach as they accelerate their adoption of cloud-based technology and unified communications solutions.

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