TIM and Tiscali transition to contract stage

TIM and Tiscali transition to contract stage


TIM and Tiscali have signed executory contracts to develop the ultra-broadband market in Italy.

Further to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in August, this new agreement relates to the co-investment arrangement develop the ultrabroadband market in Italy through Tiscali’s commercial participation in the FiberCop project.

FiberCop is the new single FTTH entity in Italy created by combining the assets of FlashFiber, the fibre network owned by TIM – the former Telecom Italia – and Fastweb, owned by Swisscom, Tiscali, OpenFiber with investment from KKR.

At the same time as the advancements of these new executory contracts, the two companies have also signed a series of operating and commercial agreements, effective immediately, “to govern the phases of the project”.

The first phase of the project involves streamlining Tiscali’s network to support the migration of its customers to FiberCop's ultra-broadband network. This will also allow Tiscali to reduce its network infrastructure costs and avoid duplications.

As for the medium to long term stages of development, and in line with FiberCop’s development plan, the agreement will allow Tiscali to activate a significant part of its accesses on the newly established network.

TIM and Tiscali will subsequently also review the possibility of Tiscali acquiring a stake in FiberCop through a specific branch of business, with terms yet to be agreed.

The contracts are also subject to some regulatory conditions.

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