BearingPoint//Beyond and IoT.nxt help CSPs monetise 5G and IoT

BearingPoint//Beyond and IoT.nxt help CSPs monetise 5G and IoT

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BearingPoint//Beyond and IoT.nxt, an IoT platform and hardware provider have partnered to help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) launch and monetise new vertical offerings.

By integrating BearingPoint//Beyond’s digital marketplace solution with IoT.nxt software and vertical solutions, CSPs are able to sell, provision, abstract data and monetise a number of 5G/IoT solutions.

In addition, using BearingPoint//Beyond’s digital marketplace solution, CSPs can sell and monetise what it describes as “new, attractive, integrated, easy-to-buy, easy-to-consume solutions”. While IoT.nxt’s out-of-the-box and configurable vertical use cases library, with its intelligent field gateway Raptor and its Commander platform, then gives CSPs and their enterprise customers hundreds of end-to-end use cases.

“By combining IoT.nxt’s solution with BearingPoint//Beyond’s digital marketplace, we provide CSPs with the agility to move quicker and act faster. This has never been more important as we know that currently, only one in five early enterprise 5G deals are CSP-led. Added to the fact that connectivity will only account for 5% of the total IoT revenue opportunity by 2025, CSPs must take action and deliver solutions that the enterprise is demanding that are simple to buy, fast to implement and simple to consume,” said Angus Ward (pictured), CEO, BearingPoint//Beyond.

“We believe this partnership will give them both the tools and the confidence to achieve this. IoT.nxt’s unique portfolio of use cases and their ability to abstract data at the edge or in the cloud, combined with our Digital Marketplace solution is truly a winning formula.”

~According to a recent study, With 72.8% of CSPs believe that the majority of its 5G revenues will come from B2B segments therefore it is imperative that CSPs will serve enterprises and SMBs with vertical solutions integrating connectivity with IoT and Edge technologies.

This partnership was created to provide the launch pad to help CSPs meet this demand, to move up the value chain and start selling 5G, IoT and Edge-led solutions to enterprises and SMBs effectively.

“Whether in transportation, manufacturing, customer service or consumer business, IoT is everywhere and enabling a world of new opportunities and uses cases. CSPs understand the potential revenue streams that IoT can make possible but struggle to take the risk,” added Nico Steyn, co-founder and CEO, IoT.nxt.

“To help them overcome this challenge and capitalize on the vertical opportunities in front of them, partnering with BearingPoint//Beyond and combining our horizontal digital fabric with their digital platform capabilities was the perfect way to do that.”

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