Three UK unveils 20 data centres as part of £2bn investment

Three UK unveils 20 data centres as part of £2bn investment

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Three UK has completed its data centre transformation, in a bid to help provide a more reliable network for its customers.

The transformation will be part of the company’s £2 billion investment in its network and IT infrastructure.

The 20 new data centres, which are spread out across the UK, moves Three’s network closer to its customers, according to the company.

The company said that the plan is for this to result in a reduction in latency, which means greater responsiveness for Three’s customers when gaming, using video conferencing or any other IOT applications.

Susan Buttsworth (pictured), Chief Operating Officer, at Three UK said: “Our new data centres allow us to spread the network load across the country, and bring our customers closer to their data, meaning less lag.

“This investment will help us provide a better network experience for our customers, giving them better connectivity, every day.”

The new data centres will also increase reliability as traffic can be automatically redirected from a data centre having an issue to another in real time.

In addition to improved network performance, the new data centres, provided by the company’s partners Equinix and Ark, come fitted with the latest energy saving technology.

The aim, according to the company, is to deliver a reduced carbon footprint due to improved cooling systems that are more efficient than Three’s older data centres, using less power.

“These data centres are already having a positive effect. Three has half the 5G latency of the other MNOs and fastest 5G download speeds based on latest published industry results,” added the company in a written release.

“These data centres, combined with improved back haul and our world first cloud core network will help us provide better connectivity, every day, for every customer.”

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